"Seconds after registering, I was contacted by JDLT, asking when we could set up a meeting! The consult was the very thorough, informational and motivational! One thing I really liked, was they asked for a video of my home gym, and they designed my solo workouts using my exact equipment and space! Made it super easy for me to follow!" Arica (North Dakota)

"JDLT Online is AMAZING! It's literally like having a virtual personal trainer. Since day one,  I've felt like I've been working with somebody face to face! Whether it be the daily text reminders, email homework check ins or the weekly phone updates., JDLT will ensure you're always working towards your goal!"

Sam (Texas)

Est. 2011 

San Francisco, CA

Personal Training - Run Coaching - Video Analysis

 Program Design - Outdoor Workouts


ALWAYS available. always training. always improving.

No matter where you live

what equipment you have or

how much time you got

jdlt will help you accomplish your goals!